Friday, June 3, 2011

Exciting Weekend!

I swear, y'all, I'm not a product junkie. I still make my own shampoo, moisturizers and sealants...and am STILL working on a conditioner. But, every once in a while, especially if there's a sale, I can't help wanting to try a few things.

This week, I'll be trying LUSH's Jungle solid conditioner bar and Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze, both of which smell so delicious!!!!! I'll also be using Oyin Handmade's Honey Wash and Honey Water. Two more "scentillating" scents I can't keep away from my nose!

I just hope these products work half as well as they smell!!!!

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  1. Sounds great ! share your thoughts on these products after using:))

    Take care,