Sunday, September 26, 2010


OMG, I finally did it! I finally got a full afro AND it stands up and out! 

To achieve this look, I plaited my damp hair, moisturized and let dry overnight. The next day, I misted my entire head, took down each plait and used a pick to come through. It took a total of 5 minutes. As my hair dried, the style locked into place. My hair even survived the windy day.
I know the definition in these photos isn't the greatest, but once my hair dried, my ends were slightly curly and I had a soft wave throughout my entire head. And, even though the wind whipped through my hair, I had very little detangling to do prior to putting my hair up for the night. 

I'd been trying to get this look for the past two months, but never had any luck. My hair never had any body, and despite plaits or twists overnight, I always ended up with wild electric socket curls and waves I'd have to bun or head band. I'm so happy! Now, to learn how to sing and fry chicken, LOL!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Got a Shout Out!

Thanks to Natural Hair Grows for mentioning lil' 'me! Check it out here at:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Winter Hair

With winter's blustery winds and freezing temperatures soon approaching, now is the time to start thinking about what you're going to do with your hair. Me, I was planning on just wearing twists, but when I thought about it, and I mean really thought about it, I knew that wasn't going to cut it.

Our hair is very fragile and brisk Ol' Man Winter is not any kind of a friend. Back in the day, I used to do my wash-n-go all year round, including during winter. I thought it was cool that my hair would freeze and I'd pretend to be a she-demon as the steam visibly rose off my head. Now, I know better. I must protect my ends!

It's hard to find protective styles without going the "fake" route, and that road's not all that it's cracked up to be. But, good winter styles can be created from high, low and side buns, bantu knots, twisted buns, French braids with the ends tucked under, a cornrowed bun....let your imagination run wild. And, it will have to run wilder if you have a TWA, so...enter the hat!

A nice, soft winter cap is crucial, but don't just flop it on your head and go. Trust me, as a crocheter, I've fallen for a million beautiful wool winter caps, but if it's not silk or satin, it will be brutal to your hair. The tiny fibers in wool, cotton and other natural materials (excepting silk) will break off your precious hair strands while soaking up every inch of moisture you so painstakingly added to your hair.

Think of it this way, if your hair is treated to the comforting arms of silk or satin at night, why wouldn't you do the same on a cold winter's day? If you do buy a winter cap, at least take the time to sew in a satin or silk lining before you put it on your head.

Or, stay tuned for the unveiling of my Etsy shop where you can purchase my handmade silk winter caps, silk- and satin-lined winter caps, and silk elastic head bands, hair ties and scrunchies!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Skinny on My Skin

I recently received free samples of something called Gen-m from a Facebook friend who sells Zija products. If you're unfamiliar with Zija, it's a company which makes and distributes skin care, weight management and nutritional health drinks made from the Moringa plant or "Miracle Tree." I believe Moringa initially was used to treat childhood blindness.
In addition to getting free samples of the entire 5-step Gen-m system, I also got a few samples of Zija's nutritional drink mix and herbal tea. At the moment, I'm trying out the skin care system and so far, I'm rather impressed. 

The Gen-m system is comprised of the Creamy Face Cleanser, Rehydrating Mist, Daily Moisturizer SPF 15, Anti-Aging Night Repair, Eye Serum and Zija Oil. There also is a Spa Masque, but I didn't receive a sample of that. I tried the Creamy Face Cleanser, Rehydrating Mist and Zija Oil. I'm not into high maintenance, so i doubt I'd use all the products every single day, but these three...I'd use.
The facial cleanser is indeed very slick and creamy. It's also odorless and has a very light green color. I didn't need more than a dime-size amount, but my face was almost squeaky clean and soft after rinsing. I then applied the Rehydrating Mist, a toner, which was clear and odorless. My face felt...refreshed. Last, was the Zija Oil, a dark gold liquid that also is odorless. I applied a dime-size amount and was amazed at the results. In comparison to grapeseed oil which leaves my face oily, I love the Zija Oil. My skin absorbed it quickly, my hands were oil free after application, and six hours later, my face is not oily! My face is always oily, but I think there might be something to this Zija Oil. 
I think this is a facial care system I can get used to, easily. And, if these products can keep my face oil-free, I'm game. Zija's skin care system gets two coils up!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ingredients on the Endangered Species List

I don't want to bash products, but I recently learned there's yet another product on the market that I beg you not to use. I ask that you not use this product because it contains baobab oil. This oil comes from the baobab tree which, just like the argan tree, is on the endangered species list. Baobab oil contains Vitamins A, C, D, E and F, but there are plenty of other sources to obtain these vitamins. Why contribute to the plight of the baobab tree for something you can pick up at your local grocery or health food store? 
As naturals, how can we claim to be ingredient-conscience but use products derived from the endangered species list? The baobab and argan trees wouldn't be endangered anyway if there wasn't such high demand for these oils in the western market. WE are the western market. WE caused this problem. It's up to US to stop it. 
Please spread the word. I am. I have written to Target and Shea Moisture. Please note, Shea Moisture also sells a product containing argan oil. The argan tree also is on the endangered species list.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fantastic Friday!

What an awesome start to the day! I wake up to great hair and then I find a bottle of Etre Cuticle Oil in the back of my closet. I'd never used it before since I don't do my nails, but was pleasantly surprised after reading the ingredients. It contains sweet almond, grape seed, safflower and apricot kernel oils, and aloe leaf, mango, algae and ginger root extracts! Hmmm, now why does this sound like it'd be something delicious for my face and hair? And, to top off my morning, I discovered this while visiting my fave sites! Thanks, Afroniquely You.