Monday, May 13, 2013

Wash Day Giveaway!!!!

If you missed the first giveaway, here's your second chance!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why does your hair get all of the attention?

You have probably spent countless hours and dollars on natural hair techniques and products, but what about your skin? If you're trying to drink more water and eat healthier, kudos to you! But like hair, skin needs nourishment inside AND out.

If you rely on lotion to moisturize your skin, I'm sad to tell you that's not enough. In fact, you might be harming your skin, especially if you use lotions whose ingredients are varied and hard to pronounce. If you're wondering why, think about it this way...lotion is to skin what conditioner is to hair. So, if you're careful about what you put on your hair, why wouldn't you be careful about what you put on your skin?

With that in mind, Wash Day has finally launched an all-natural soap line! All soaps are made by me and contain only the same oils and butters you find in all-natural hair products! Some are scented. Others are not! 
And they feel so good on the skin!

If you haven't stopped by the Wash Day Etsy site in a while, there are some minor changes, but three of several new soaps to be posted weekly are there for you to try! And, stay tuned because new batches of soap are made every Saturday and will be uploaded as soon as they're ready for the public!