Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hair and More!

A lot's been happenin', but time is limited so let's get down to business! As promised, I had the opportunity to review some full-size sample products from Pura Body Naturals. Y'all know I love, Love, LOVE this company and their hair products, and can't say enough about here goes...three of four product sample reviews:

Tahitian Vanilla Cupuacu Butter-This stuff is the bomb!!!! Its light creamy texture just glides right into the hair and the heady scent of Tahitian vanilla makes you just want to grab a spoon and eat this stuff up! I just wish it came in a bigger jar...hint hint. The Tahitian Vanilla Cupuacu Butter left my hair super soft, with lots of sheen, and amazing hold. As far as the latter goes, this butter kept my twists intact through six workouts, including two in a 100 degree-plus room for two hours. And the moisturizing properties are top notch. A week after application, my hair was still soft and supple when it came time to take down the twists for wash day. This item gets two coils up!

Lemongrass Murumuru Moisture Milk-Need I say more? Hair milk is one of my favorite obsessions and when I initially stumbled upon hair milk made with murumuru butter, I was in heaven. But, murumuru hair milk scented with lemongrass is just too intoxicating to describe. The only improvement I'd suggest is to make a Tahitian Vanilla-scented Murumuru Moisture Milk...or coffee...chocolate...marshmallow...??? This moisture milk is definitely a keeper. My hair can get pretty dry after a sweaty work-out, but a light spritz of water and two pumps of this hair milk, and my kinks, coils and curls were back to bouncin' and behavin'! And, I love that this comes in a pump dispenser. Two coils up on this one!

The Amazon Hair and Body Butter was perhaps my biggest disappointment, but that could be because the other Pura butters are just incredible compared to this one. Frankly, if they scrapped it, I wouldn't miss it. I used this, as with all the other butters, to twist my freshly washed hair. need to grab a dollop and melt it in your hands before putting it in your hair. I don't have an issue with the application of this butter, but once my hair dried, it was as hard as a rock. While I was pleased with the moisture retention throughout the week, I didn't like that my hair had lost its swing and bounce. In fact, I was so disappointed, I debated rewashing my hair to redo my twists with something else. Sorry! Two coils down on this one! Maybe I can use the rest as a skin moisturizer this summer?

Pura Body Naturals, found at, is my absolute favorite spot for hair butters and milks. Since I'm not into high maintenance hair, their products definitely work for me. I can sweat through my hair six times a week, but my hair still retains shine, moisture and movement. And now, since Pura's coming out with these amazing scents, my hair smells great, too! I'm not a product junkie since I make my own hair products. And, I don't need to buy hair butters, milks, etc. I CAN MAKE THEM MYSELF!!!! So trust me when I say Pura's products are the bomb. They really are and I plan on keeping them around for as long as Pura keeps cranking them out. Hopefully, shampoos, conditioners and detanglers are on the horizon. I'm curious to see what Pura comes up with.