Sunday, June 26, 2011


On Day Four of my post-Jessner's Peel, I think I've completed most of my peeling stage. The bulk of my skin peeled off on Day Three, leaving pink tingly patches of new skin underneath. I was a little concerned, but this morning, I don't have tingly pink patches and my skin looks fine and is super soft. I still have a few patches of dry skin, but nothing like compared to yesterday. A co-worker thought I had food on my face my skin was peeling so badly. I just didn't have the energy to explain the chemical peel process, but for those of you who don't know what it is, Google it!

I also noticed that my accidental conditioner made from coconut cream concentrate curdled! So, I won't be using that anymore (I don't add preservatives to my homemades) and now I'm wondering if my jar of coconut cream concentrate has curdled too.

I also won't be using Milk of Magnesia on my face anymore. Yes, it dried up the oil on my face, but it doesn't work too well under makeup...and the reason I have breakouts in the first place is due to dry skin.

But, I've found an alternative cleanser and moisturizer that I love! Skin Obsession's Face Peel cleanser and moisturizer are $5 each and they're amazing! The cleanser looks like gel, but foams up really well (pardon the little rhyme there) and removes my makeup in one swoop! Granted, I've switched to Mac Cosmetic's concealer and Studio Fix powder/foundation compared to Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse which takes some doing to wash off, I'm very pleased with this foaming gentle cleanser. I'm also digging the moisturizer as it happens to be comprised of coconut oil! Once I'm done peeling, I won't be using it under my makeup anymore, but I will definitely use it at night. I'll just use E.L.F.'s primer under my makeup as it prevents oil buildup and makes makeup application very quick and smooth.

Just four or five more peels to go over the next six months and I won't have to use concealer anymore!!

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  1. P.S. I've also switched to new makeup (Mac concealer and StudioFix powder), but the S.O. cleanser DOES NOT remove this with one application. It takes two applications of this to clean my face of makeup, so I will be using my homemade coconut oil cleanser instead. Although, I do plan on keep S.O. cleanser on hand as it's really cheap, very mild and unscented.