Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Recap

I hadn't realized four months had gone by since my last posting, but I guess that shows that I've had a busy and incredibly fun summer!

Wash Day sales are still going strong and steady, and I've even mentally developed/physically tested a few new products for release later this year! One is a castor oil version of Bounce Butter, one of my bestsellers, and another is a black hair grease! I also might be discontinuing a product and replacing it with soon as I figure out what that is!

I've also had the opportunity to try out a few hair product samples, but they're nothing to write home about. In the future, if I try something that works, I'll review it. Otherwise, I won't waste my or your time.

But, since this was a beautiful summer filled with ideas and intrigues, I haven't been spending much time indoors or on the computer except to catch up on emails and Facebook posts. And, it's been worth disconnecting from technology for bits at a time. 

With time away from cyberworld, I started riding a bicycle! Not only did I start riding, I painted an old bicycle and am now up to 3-4 miles per trip! We have lots of trails to ride in our near future.

Isn't she lovely? Her name is Sassy!

As if that wasn't enough, I decided we should go camping over Labor Day weekend. I don't know why or where I got the idea, but it didn't take much to talk the man into it! We stayed two days and two nights at Muskegon State Park and had an absolute blast, especially when we decided to go on an impromptu hike! Due to physical limitations, I didn't even think I could or even wanted to hike because I absolutely hate walking, but I LOVE hiking and can't wait to hit some area hiking trails.

Our camping experience was so amazing, I've acompiled a Pinterest wishlist of everything I want to buy for future camping trips and we even have Memorial Day weekend's camping trip planned! I'm trying to talk the man into camping once a month next year until it gets too cold...I'm still trying to convince him.

Hanging out inside our tent!
Of even greater personal significance are the Facebook page and web site I found for black people who enjoy camping and hiking. While I did see another black family, as well as an Asian family and several Hispanic families during our trip, I believe more of my people need to go camping! It's a great way to bond with your loved ones without any distractions, it's relaxing (lowers blood pressure), provides for healthier eating options, and is great way to get in some unexpected exercise. 

As for camping with natural hair, I must say it couldn't have been any easier. I pre-planned to wash my hair upon our return, so I kept my hair in some big sloppy twists all weekend. If my scalp felt itchy, I'd just duck my head under the shower (we stayed on campgrounds with modern bathrooms) or dip it in Lake Michigan! Without having to worry about hair and makeup, this trip was a much-needed reprieve from everyday life. I suggest you give it a try.