Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trio of Reviews!

All week, I've been anticipating washing my hair with my new finds so I finally got to take the plunge and try out three of my newbies. I initially wanted to try a fourth product, the Jungle conditioner bar from LUSH, but it's not quite ready. (You're supposed to rub the bar into your hair, but I didn't think that'd be conducive for me as I have a lot of hair, so I cut it up and crumbled it into a bottle of aloe juice. It's still dissolving but looks promising!)

If y'all know a little bit about me, I always steam my hair with a deep conditioning treatment prior to washing. Instead of my usual concoction of aloe vera gel, moringa and Vatika oils, and cholesterol conditioner, I decided to try LUSH's Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze.
While the small container is a tad pricey, I couldn't help giving this a spin. Chock full an infusion of red henna, and almond, Brazil nut, coconut and jojoba oils-just to name a few-I figured I couldn't really go wrong and I figured right! This stuff is AMAZING and it smells delicious!!!! I was concerned I'd have to use a lot, but it's kind of thick so I only used about a third of the jar. After my steam treatment, my hair was baby soft. It was a lowdown dirty shame to have to wash this out of my hair! LUSH really needs to create a leave-in version of this product. Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze is now on my staples list and gets two coils up!

This week, I washed my hair with Oyin Handmade's Honey Wash. Touted as a hair and body wash, the smell is intoxicating and I love the creamy Castille base. A little bit definitely goes a long way and the suds are moderate to generous. As much as I desperately wanted to fall in love with Honey Wash, it just didn't do a thing for my hair. My hair didn't feel stripped or as if it had build-up, but it didn't feel moisturized either. It literally felt like wet wool. Sadly, I can only give Honey Wash one coil still deserves a coil for the amazing scent. I'll continue using it, but probably won't buy it again...smh...sadly.

During Memorial Day weekend, my honey and I went to the Burley Park Flea Market and to my amazement I found a man selling soy candles and handmade hair products made by his wife. I decided to try the No More Knotty Kids Detangler in the Pink Kisses scent. And, OMG, this stuff is the bomb! Not only does it have a delicious smell, but it's filled with everything I would use were I to make my own detangler! And, it works!!!!! I've used a plethora of detanglers, but they're either too thick and goopy, leaving buildup or they're akin to water and don't do a thing to my hair. I'm sold on No More Knotty Kids, but I do wish the bottle was round. Wet hands and an oval bottle are not a good combination. For a split second, I also wondered where and how to buy replacements, but the mixtress provides her email on the bottle and I happened to find her shop on Etsy. This one definitely gets two coils up!

Stay week is LUSH's Jungle conditioner!!!!! 


  1. Great review!...I love the idea you have of steaming your hair before shampooing, Although I am a cowasher more often than a shampooer. I do shampoo or conditioner wash or do bentonite clay once monthly , so I plan to surely give your idea of steaming with a conditioner before washing a try, thanks for sharing that:))

    Can't wait to hear more from you:))

    Take care,


  2. Hi, I'm the man you bought "No More Knotty Kids" from. Thank you so much for your kind words. The lady that makes our products is my cousin, Bonnie. Her goal is to make handmade products that are "the best". Your friends can find me on facebook under the name Bonnie Lass (we're the one with the profile picture of a bottle of lotion). You can see our products at Thank you again for your nice comments. Terry Cheyney 810.358.7864

  3. Oh, thank you soooo much! I definitely plan to continue using No More Knotty Kids! And, I found you on FB!!!! Hint to Bonnie to make a deep conditioning treatment!