Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mineral Makeup

I've always been a fan of mineral makeup, but could never swallow the price for more than a few months a year. That thought process was only exacerbated by the tiny amount of concealer included in the monthly kit. A little while ago, I saw a link to E.L.F. Cosmetics on a friend's FB page and decided to check it out. Much to my surprise, they had mineral makeup and for only FIVE DOLLARS! I immediately signed up for an account and then got a flood of emails for special offers, but I chose one offer...I think if I spent $10 or $20, I could choose 10 $1 products for free! I do love my freebies, so I got some mineral makeup, a mineral makeup primer and 10 free goodies, too!

This morning, I tried out E.L.F.'s primer, concealer and mineral foundation and was beyond pleased. 
The primer is amazing and one little squirt, about the amount of half a teardrop, was enough for my whole face. My face felt smooth and as if it had a light dusting of talcum powder. This stuff is definitely a keeper! 
Then I tried the concealer. I'm also pleased with the concealer, but I wish it came in more shades. I've always had trouble finding an exact match and E.L.F. was no different. I had to choose the two shades closest to my skin tone and hope for the best, but the coverage is most excellent! Last came the true test, the mineral foundation! 
Yes the container is smaller than other other major mineral lines, but no biggee. It costs a sixth less! My only real quibble is the powders seem to be a little orangey compared to other brands and the sifter doesn't work too well. I pulled mine out, threw it in the trash and just dipped my brush right into the container. Again, I was very pleased with the final results! 

So goodbye to my cream foundation and hello to E.L.F. minerals! It's good to know there are mineral foundations out there that not only get the job done, but cost less than two gallons of gas! And, if I can't wait for makeup to arrive in the mail and don't mind forgoing special deals, I can always grab them at a local Target, Kmart, Meijer or Family Fare store!

For more information, check out E.L.F. at


  1. I have really oily skin do you think that it would give the same effect?? Great post =)

  2. ooo.. I love elf, but I have never tried any of these products. i guess I've been skeptical about how they might show up on my skin.. After reading your review.. I suppose it's worth a try!