Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Handmade soap, anyone?

What a busy month it's been! Wash Day orders have been flying out the door and I've added a completely new product to the Wash Day line...handmade soap!

Protective gear from head to toe is a MUST! Not cute, but necessary.
I started with an almond-scented soap with sea kelp and yellow cornmeal. It might not be pretty, but it smells amazing and the kelp and cornmeal have nourishing and exfoliating properties! My second batch of soap is incredible. Dark chocolate-scented, this soap is a shea butter and coconut oil blend that contains raw cacao. It made my hands softer than any lotion or hand cream I've ever used.
Here I am mixing my oils, butters and lye!
This coming weekend, I'll be making a 100 percent coconut oil soap with bits of raw coconut mixed throughout. Later this month, I'll add a goat milk soap or two. Sadly, after the soaps are made, they take at least a month to cure so these beauties won't be on my sites for a while yet.
Preview of the chocolate soap. It's much darker now.
But while the soaps are curing, don't forget to stock up on Bounce Butter! Twist-out season, if it's not already here, is rapidly approaching, but your twist-out won't be the best it can be without Bounce Butter! And while you're at it, don't forget to grab a tub of Brownie Butter to help wake up your hair as it comes out of winter hibernation!

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