Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wash Day Launches New Products!

It feels like I've been in production forever, but alas, it was worth it and four new products are on the Wash Day shelves! Let me introduce you:
  • Red Hot GreaseImagine tiny fingers massaging your scalp 24/7. That's what this herbal oil blend of castor oil, pimiento oil, cayenne pepper, and sea buckthorn and saw palmetto essential oils feels like as it gets to waking up those sleepy follicles to help you grow some hair. 
Red Hot Grease is for sleepy follicles.
Natural bright orange-red color.

  • Vedi Good Grease: I love all things Ayurvedic, so why not an Ayurvedic hair grease? A blend of hibiscus, amla, shikakai, brahmi, neem, orange and bhringraj powders, will help strengthen, thicken and darken your hair while adding lustrous sheen and shine, and correcting any topical scalp issues.
Vedi Good Grease is very good Ayurvedic hair grease!
Natural greenish yellow color.
  • Green Grower's GreaseThis nourishing blend of sweet almond oil, horsetail, coltsfoot, blue malva, nettle leaf and burdock root herbs, and rosemary, sage and carrot seed essential oils will fertilize your scalp and give those follicles the food they need to help you grow strong, healthy hair. It's also soothing to itchy scalps!
Green Grower's Grease is the fertilizer your scalp needs!
A natural fun almost neon green color.
  • Brownie Butter: This rich, creamy dark chocolate deep conditioner comprised of bentonite clay, cocoa butter, avocado oil, cocoa powder, espresso powder and neutral henna will cure whatever's ailing your hair, and make those kinks, coils and curls pop out all over the place. Just mix these solid deep conditioning cubes with your choice of hot water, aloe vera juice or coconut water or milk, and let Mother Nature work her magic. This is a sinfully delicious treat for your hair!
The ultimate deep conditioning experience.
Chocolate's not just for eating!
If you haven't been by the shop lately, you're missing out! And, stay tuned for an update on my own hair as it comes out of winter hibernation!

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