Sunday, October 14, 2012

OBI Natural Hair Care Update

As promised, I gave OBI Natural Hair Care's Curl Enhancing Custard a full week's try before issuing my final review. (drum roll, please!)

Big, big fail for me, but...
As I mentioned before, I knew I was in trouble as soon as I dipped my finger in the jar...the consistency was all wrong for my hair. Curl Enhancing Custard is like a thick version of Kinky Curly Knot Today which I've repeatedly tried, but could not like. Also, when my hair fully dried, it was hard, crunchy and extremely dry. I'm used to having soft, moisturized hair.

OBI Natural Hair Care's Curl Enhancing Custard is really designed for the style-conscious. If you only want a product to hold your locks in place or don't want someone's hands running through your hair, this is the product for you. I think this stuff could actually stand up in one of those wind test tunnels!

If you aren't style conscious and your foremost concern is having healthy hair, run from this product! Obviously, I'm of the latter ilk, putting health over style every single time so Curl Enhancing Custard is a no-go for me. Yes it held my curls all week without reapplication, but that's all it did. Perhaps the worst part was the thick white paste it left between my fingers when I began detangling. Way too much product build-up and it'd be super nasty if a devout cowasher used this product. GROSS! This gets one coil down!

So, today I skipped my weekly deep conditioning steam treatment and washed my hair loose...twice...with two different commercially-made shampoos to ensure I got all of this goop out of my hair. Now, back to the drawing board with my own Wash Day Bounce Butter for soft, shiny, weeklong curls!!!!!!

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