Sunday, October 7, 2012

Holding All Curls!!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago, OBI Natural Haircare sent me a few full-size samples to try out. Y'all know I'm crazy about my own line, Wash Day, but I do love trying out other stuff from time to time.

Last week, I washed and conditioned as usual before spritzing with OBI's Curl Moisture Spray.
Pretty awesome stuff!
I immediately noticed a wonderful. My hair has some serious combination strands, but this spray helped my curls and waves look more uniform, and my hair felt really good! After a few spritzes and smoothing this through each section, I swear my hair had beautiful coils worthy of wearing it out in a WNG-something that's always alluded me. This product has earned a spot in my hair care closet and definitely gets two coils up! I only wish it came in a bigger bottle. I used almost half the bottle!

Then, I used OBI's Curl Moisture Cream. I might add that it's compatible with Giovanni Direct Leave-In.
Don't be fooled by the power of this light, fluffy cream.
Now, creams and I don't really get along, but to my surprise, this hair cream played quite nicely with my hair!  It's well-known that I wash and set my hair once a week with my chosen styling product, so whatever I use in my twist out has to have some staying power. And, this does the trick...for the most part. Mid-week, I did have to retwist the top half of my hair, but I used the Curl Moisture Spray instead of adding more Curl Moisture Cream. While my hair was gorgeous, it felt and looked dry, and lacked the bounce I'm used to having. So, I give this one coil up. Not sure I'd add this to my arsenal, but in a pinch, it'll do.

This week, I decided to try out the Curl Enhancing Custard, so that review will be posted soon. But, here are my thoughts so far...
Jury's still out on this one!
I'm a little concerned about how my hair will turn out tomorrow. So far, my hair is almost fully dry and it's stiff, dry and crunchy! While I was pleased with the amount of definition I can see I'm going to have and how nicely my ends coiled without any extra help, I do not like how my hair feels. But, I kind of knew this as soon as I dipped my fingers in the jar. The consistency is like Mod Podge mixed with hair gel, and I am not a fan of hair gels. But, if you like Kinky Curly Knot Today, you will probably like this as it feels like a much thicker version. Crossing my fingers...

I also used a different shampoo this week, thanks to the LUSH store in Novi, Mich.
I love me some LUSH, so I was happy to get a freebie of this to try out!
First, let me say it smells amazing, but looks like...chunky orange puke? Aside from what it's designed to do, I was intrigued by the texture which makes following the instructions incredibly important. Your hands and hair must be sopping wet. Scoop out a nickel-size amount of Curly Wurly, lather it up in your hands and apply it to your hair. Honestly, I thought my sample was way too tiny for me to be able to give this a try and I even contemplated stealing my daughter's sample (sorry Ana!), but I only used half of my sample and it lathered my whole head! 

Curly Wurly made my hair soft and if I didn't know any better, I swear I saw curls popping where I've never seen them popping before. Curly Wurly also cleansed AND conditioned my hair without stripping it, and it lathers up really, really well. Since it's chock full of coconut oil, some of the coconut oil did solidify due to our dropping temps in Michigan so I had to pick little white chunks out of my hair, but I like this product. Curly Wurly gets two coils up, but I don't think I like it enough to buy it at $23.95.


  1. Thanks for letting us know about your product.Would like to share about this with my friends..:)