Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My New MAC

No, I didn't get a new computer although I wouldn't mind, but I did get some new makeup over the weekend.

After numerous years of only using Maybeline's Dream Matte Mousse, my daughter convinced me to switch to MAC Cosmetics a few years ago. I think her and her dad were sick of me frantically running around town once a month trying to find my oh so popular shade or the 50 percent off sales.

Making the switch, I got started with MAC's Select Cover-Up. I balked at the price of $17 for this puny tube, but that little tube lasted about six months versus buying the Maybeline at $10 a jar every month. 

In conjunction with Select Cover-Up, I also used MAC's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. Again, I balked at the $27 stick price, but the compact lasts me at least six months and the coverage is buildable.

The past few years, I've been working really hard to achieve clear skin and I'm almost there, but I still need a little help. So, bored with my makeup routine, I decided to switch things up again by replacing Select Cover-Up with MAC's Studio Fix Fluid.

Sadly, my salesperson failed to sell me an $8 pump for my little bit of beauty in a bottle and she also failed to mention that this particular packaging is being phased out (I believe they'll be replaced by pump bottles), but I'm still happy with the overall results...even if it does cost $27.

Studio Fix Fluid goes on uber smooth and provides buildable coverage that I've really come to enjoy. Just a little bit goes a looooonnnngggg way. Equally impressive is how matte the finish is. A lot of people prefer that dewey, fresh-faced look, but I have oily skin so matte is what I need. After a light dusting with the remnants of my Studio Fix Powder, I'm out the door! The best part, though, is this stuff lasts! With my previous makeup regimen, I had to blot my face I don't know how many times a day and it was annoying, but with this, I haven't had to blot at all! Not even once! I have no shine for at least 10 hours and I've never been able to achieve that unless you count my forays with Milk of Magnesia as an oil mattifier since I'm too cheap to buy one.

Since my powder is also a foundation, I think I'll go back to the MAC counter soon and switch to the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. Then again, I think I might have an unused jar of their Set Powder laying around somewhere. Or was it Prep & Prime? Upon reading about the differences between the two, I hope I have P&P!


  1. Hi! I came across your site on BSN and liked it so much I had to follow :) This post is great- I am the same way about pricey products too, but sometimes they're really worth it

  2. Thanks PPA! I will never buy another foundation or concealer again! MAC is amazing and it really is worth the price. I just wish their lipsticks had as much staying power as the cheaper brands!