Saturday, May 14, 2011

SMH...but in a good way!

Okay, so it's been a bit since my last posting, but here I am, if all but briefly.

With the weather finally warming but before the humidity sets in, I decided to straighten my hair. I don't know if y'all knew, but I swore off using any heat on my hair last fall. Back then, this was my hair...

Ahhh....don't I look pensive?

Once the snowflakes started falling, I religiously wore my hair in twists. Once a week, I'd deep condition with my steam treatment, wash and condition my hair, and twist it all back up again. With a foreboding about spending 4-6 hours on my hair last week, I decided not to twist but to straighten. So, after my steam treatment, wash and condition....I blowdried and flatironed on low-medium heat....and this is the result:

Please excuse the goofy face as I show the front but I REALLY hate taking pictures.

And, the back!
From fall until now, I had no idea how much my hair had been growing. A few people mentioned that my twists seemed longer and I'd noticed that it was taking me longer and longer to twist my hair, but I honestly had no idea what was really happening. But, I'm not complaining and next week, I think I'll be going back to my twists as they seem to be working quite well for me. Last year's hair challenge goal was not to worry about trying out different  products, hairstyles, etc. I just wanted healthier hair. And, I think I can say I've achieved that goal!


  1. Great to read from you again!:)). Your hair is beautiful, and looks very healthy. Whatever your doing keep it up your hair looks quite happy with it:))

    Take care,


  2. Thanks! As much as I've been enjoying it straight, it will be going back up in twists as soon as the summer heat and humidity's in full swing! At least with it in twists, I don't have to worry about rain or daily styling!!!