Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Sentence Can Change Everything

As some of you might know, I'm opposed to products that contain ingredients whose sources are on the endangered species list. Some of those ingredients include argan oil and baobab extract. A few days ago, I was exploring the KeraCare Natural Textures line, distributed by Avlon. I was very curious until I saw that this line contains argan oil. So, I did my thing and wrote them about my concern. Here is the response I got today:

Thanks for your concern for the Argon Oil as an endangered specie. We will keep this in mind and try to find a substitute for this oil in order to comply with your request.

Dr Syed
Avlon Industries, Inc.

Folks, please do the same. DO NOT use products whose ingredients are on the endangered species list. Comparable ingredients can be used and there is no scientific improvement in our hair if we use argan oil and baobab extract. Other ingredients are out there that produce the same, similar and even better results.

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