Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ah Cupuacu....

...I might not know how to pronounce you correctly, but oh how my hair loves you!

Pura Body Naturals is definitely on to something, but something beyond good. This week, I twisted my hair with their Cupuacu Hair Butter and got even better results than I did with Pura's amazing Murumuru Hair Butter.
The Cupuacu Hair Butter left all of my hair baby soft, smelling like lemons and super shiny and bouncy. For me, this particular butter is like Murumuru Hair Butter on steroids. And my curls, oh Lord, I have curls popping all over the place! I most definitely will be using this as a staple product. 
Now, while I'm not used to adding additional product to my hair each day (my Sheacoco Whip keeps me fully moisturized for a full week), I find I do have to moisturize each day when using Pura's hair butters and I've been trying out the Murumuru Moisture Milk and Sapote Hair Lotion samples I bought.
I've learned to embrace the hair lotions, but my hair texture changed as the week progressed. About a day before wash day, the hair lotions almost had the same effect that water has on natural hair, but I didn't mind. It just made my curls and kinks bigger and bolder. I did mind washing them away on my wash day, though.
I might also add that I had no product build-up from using Pura products. Check 'em out at


  1. So happy you're enjoying them. I love cupuacu, once I discovered Amazonian butters I was amazed at how well they work.

  2. Great review, and thanks for sharing . My daughters hair is loving the murumuru hair milk. Once its completely gone I very well may get some of the cupuacu butter, along with more of the hair milk. TAKE CARE.


  3. That cupuacu butter is amazing! My curls are so tight and shiny! So, if I want super curls, I'll use that and if I want looser curls I'll use the Murumuru butter. I can't wait to see what other treats PBN comes up with!