Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Took the Plunge!

Okay, folks, I took the plunge and got my hair trimmed. Initially, I wanted layers, but I went to a barber I knew so he clipped my ends for just $10. It's been a few years since my ends have been trimmed, so it was time. So, with my blowdried hair and clipped ends, this is my look for the day. And, I'm loving it, especially after spraying a little Carol's Daughter Tui Jojoba and Shea Butter Sheen I picked up at Sephora (along with a free sample of CD's Hair Milk Lite), I am totally loving my hair! I did get attacked by some kiosk people selling $200+ flat irons. I let them do a small section and was shocked that it was bone straight. And, with the spray oil sheen, it was silky, so I might get a flat iron one day. Now, off to the kitchen to make a whipped shea butter cream!

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