Friday, August 6, 2010

At Long Last

I've been thinking about blogging for a while and after much encouragement, I'm finally taking the plunge! So, welcome to my first blog concerning natural hair, my handmade jewelry and crocheted goodies, and everything else under the sun!
I've been watching youtube videos on natural hair for about a week now and have mixed reviews. Part of the reason for my wanting to start a blog in the first place is I don't see enough information out there for people with my own or similar hair texture.
My profile pic is simply me and my wash and go hair. I put in a little Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner and Eco Styler Olive Oil gel, shook my head and fluffed. Every week, I intend to try a new hairstyle until I can get the look I want. Ideally, I'm shooting for a full afro that stands up on its own so if anyone has suggestions, my ears are listening.
I do wonder if I would've traveled down this path if it hadn't been for the unusually humid Michigan weather. I've been using a hot comb/oven for 20 years or so, but lately, as soon as I'd finished one side to start the second half of my hair, the first half was already starting to frizz. If I was going out that day, I'd have to touch it up. TOO MUCH HEAT! So, I said screw it and started wearing my hair in its natural state.
In the spring and summer, I'd occasionally wear my natural hair out, but was self-conscious about its unruliness so I'd always have it pulled up into a squiggly puff. It worked, but I really wanted to be able to wear my hair in other ways and now I think I've discovered a few tips and tricks.
My boyfriend probably thinks I'm losing my mind and am becoming obsessed with my hair. He's probably right, but I'll chill out once I get the right look for me. I've always been a product junkie, but I plan on cutting back on that as my hair tends not to like having a lot of stuff in it anyway.
Right now, I'm sporting my first attempt at a bantu knot-out. It came out rather flat on top so I pulled it up into a puff with bangs. I really like this look, but hope to have some volume tomorrow.


  1. Another grand rapidian! Yes the weather has been quite unseasonable! I've been doing braid outs as of late and they get poofy but I'm not complaining!

  2. I'm sporting day two of a really wild curly afro, especially since it rained today. Where in GR are you? We must get together!