Sunday, April 15, 2012

Loose Twists with Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner

I've been getting a little bored with my hair as of late, so I hopped on YouTube to find some inspirational ideas. I initially tried the Shea Moisture/EcoStyle method, but that was a HUGE no-no!

My search led me to Urban Bush Babe's Cipriana talking about loose twists. In case you don't know, loose twists are exactly what the name twist your hair as usual except you twist the hair tight at the roots and ends and loose in the middle. I wasn't sure if I should do my twists on wet or dry hair (I always do mine on wet hair), but a little chat with Alicia James revealed I should do this look on dry hair.
Beginning with freshly washed hair, I veered off my usual regimen and applied something new-Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner. I think I'm in love and why have I not tried this before?! 

Direct Leave-In is a rich cream with a consistency similar to hair milk. Applied to wet hair that was allowed to partially air dry, Direct Leave-In has tons of slip, and left my hair feeling baby soft and very fluffy (which I love). It also gave me some definition, too. Best of all, I didn't feel this product in my hair, even while my hair was still wet! Direct Leave-In is also "organic" and void of all the icky stuff. 

As with any leave-in, I was nervous about trying this as I can always feel the product in my har, but Direct Leave-In did absolutely everything it was purported to do. I will definitely keep this in stock. Direct Leave-In gets two coils up!

Front view of loose twists
With Direct Leave-In in my damp hair, I decided to passively blow dry my hair-no tension was used to blow dry my hair with the intent of getting it straight. I just wanted my hair dry. Then, working in small sections, I applied Wash Day Bounce Butter on each section before twisting my hair tight at the roots, loose in the middle and tight on the ends.
Side view of loose twists
Overall, this took less time than wet twisting, even though I have three times more twists than usual. And, after sleeping on this with the fear of some unraveling, they're just fine the next day. I most definitely will keep this style and I love how it looks and how light my hair feels. This method and style gets two coils up!

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