Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wash Day Update and Product Review

It's been a hectic past few weeks with Wash Day, but going very well what with my weekly business classes and shipping out Etsy orders. I did have one snafu with my labels, but that's been resolved! I'm also waiting on my domain to be repointed so my website will be up and running. 
Also, look for Wash Day samples in the very near future and the release of a new product to compliment the Wash Day line. If you haven't yet placed an order, do it soon before the free shipping disappears! Wash Day updates are also on Facebook and Twitter. And, if you're on LinkedIn, Wash Day is there, too.

In the meantime, I've been trying out a few products. First up is fellow Etsy seller Brown Butter Beauty's Babassu Cream Deep Conditioner. Conditioners and deep conditioners will always be my downfall (sigh).
I purchased a sample of this a while back, but forgot I had it! A few weeks ago, I used it with my weekly steam treatment and enjoyed it very much. I like babassu butter and I love conditioners, so this is a win-win for me. The product has a light, pleasant scent and is amazingly smooth and creamy. And, it left my hair very soft. I like this very much, but not enough to add to my arsenal of products.

During a visit to my fave local Indian grocer, I found a few more Vatika products so I decided to give their Black Shine shampoo a try. My bad...when I got it home, I read the ingredients and found formaldehyde in the ingredients list.
So, I wrote the company and asked about the inclusion of this ingredient and got a lackluster response. Now, most of you would probably have thrown this away, but I was curious. My hair is strong, thick and is super healthy so I used it. It smells great, has an abundance of suds and is black in color...a boon since I'm trying to keep the greys at bay, but not enough to make me want to use it again given what's in it.

I also tried their Nourish & Protect Styling Hair Cream. HUGE disappointment. This get two coils down.
There was just enough of this product for me to do two sets of twists. For the price, I can live with that, but overall, this product was a huge fail. Granted it's super light and added great shine to my hair, it left my hair feeling filmy. And, after about two days, my hair felt SUPER dry so I had to add more product to my hair which is a huge no-no for me as part of my low-mani regimen. If I use a hair product, I do not nor should I have to use it again until my next wash day.

What new products are you trying out? Care to share?

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