Monday, January 30, 2012

Brushes, blow dryers and wigs...Oh My!

Wow, so it's been eons since I've posted anything, but I needed to regroup. Now that I'm back, I'm delighted to share a few new things with you! 

I used to abhor the idea of brushing my hair, wet or dry, and have not brushed my hair in more than 15 years (I've always used a wide-tooth comb). But, I swallowed my fear and (gasp), bought the Denman D-3 brush! 

Just last week, my hair was a tangled, nappy mess after undoing the tight, tiny braids I'd put in my wet hair. I couldn't even get my detangling comb through my roots! So, I whipped out my Denman, took a deep breath and was shocked. The Denman glided through my snags and snarls like a hot knife slicing through cold butter. And, not a single hair ripped or snapped! It was an amazing experience and I look forward to adding this to my weekly arsenal of hair maintenance tools! Might I add that this brush also is super easy to clean as the rubber bristle pad just slips right in and out.

I also added this nifty gadget to my maintenance arsenal-the Solano Willie Morrow's Unbreakable Thermo Blow Dry Nozzle Hair Drying Dryer Pik (ain't that a crazy name?!).
I haven't tried it yet, but I will when it's time for me to straighten my hair. It's made of rubberized plastic so I'm pretty sure it won't break. Note: this attachment comes with three adjustable nozzles so it's sure to fit my or your hair dryer. Sadly, I think my hair's become too much for me to do an effective blowout with my trusty old roller brush. Farewell old friend.

But, I won't be blow drying any time soon as we here in Michigan are finally fully ensconced in a white winter wonderland. So, for my protective style (another gasp), I've resorted to wearing Miss "La Jay!" I had to make her a little larger to comfortably fit my head, but so far, I am really digging her even if she does cause a few bad hair days.

On another note, Wash Day efforts have temporarily been placed on hold. But, all is not lost and I hope to rebound from a less than shaky start this spring.

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