Sunday, March 6, 2011

On the Path to an Improved Me!

I'm so excited, I'll hardly be able to sleep! I almost feel like a little kid the night before Christmas! So why all the excitement, you ask? Well...
My yoga class start Tuesday! In fact, I enrolled in three to four Vinayasa yoga classes every week until early April...just to get myself started. And, as a precursor, I forewent my typical fried weekend breakfast, lunched on two pieces of turkey breast sans bread, and indulged in a flavorful dinner today of 3 oz. of baked BBQ pork back ribs, a fist-worth of baked sweet potato minus the usual drownings of brown sugar and butter, and one-and-a-half steamed corn on the cobs sans salt and butter! And, I'm not even craving a dessert!!!!!

I'm still pedaling at my desk each day, but I plan to start stepping it tomorrow so I'm pedaling at least two hours a day. And, in preparation, I even packed a lunch for tomorrow! Opting out of various fast food lunch options, I instead shall be lunching on two pieces of turkey breast sans bread (I'm not really a bread eater anyway), half of a yellow bell pepper with a tiny packet of cream cheese, an apple, 30 of those new Special K Sea Salt Cracker Chips (these are AMAZING and taste like Munchos but better!), and half of baked sweet potato!!!!!!

What are your plans for a healthier new you? I want to know!

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