Sunday, September 26, 2010


OMG, I finally did it! I finally got a full afro AND it stands up and out! 

To achieve this look, I plaited my damp hair, moisturized and let dry overnight. The next day, I misted my entire head, took down each plait and used a pick to come through. It took a total of 5 minutes. As my hair dried, the style locked into place. My hair even survived the windy day.
I know the definition in these photos isn't the greatest, but once my hair dried, my ends were slightly curly and I had a soft wave throughout my entire head. And, even though the wind whipped through my hair, I had very little detangling to do prior to putting my hair up for the night. 

I'd been trying to get this look for the past two months, but never had any luck. My hair never had any body, and despite plaits or twists overnight, I always ended up with wild electric socket curls and waves I'd have to bun or head band. I'm so happy! Now, to learn how to sing and fry chicken, LOL!


  1. Girl, I've been trying to get this look it seems like forever. I thought it might work after I noticed that my hair would retain shape if I undid a plait or twist while still damp.

  2. very pretty !..take care.


  3. Love it!!

    Its really growing nicely

    Ayira (Ntaural Notts)