Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dominican Blow-Out: Yay or Nay

So, after years of debating whether or not to go for it, I decided a few weeks ago to get my very first Dominican blow-out. Typically, I straighten my hair a few times a year, but it was a disaster the last time I tried. My hair has just gotten too thick and too long for me to successfully straighten my hair myself.

Ends were curled with a flat iron. Not my style, but...
It's been more than two decades since a professional had touched a single strand on my head. So, having my hair washed loose was a little unnerving. But, she scrubbed my scalp really well AND deep conditioned under the dryer, so her washing technique allowed me relax a little.

Very impressed with how smooth and shiny my hair is.
After my hair was washed and conditioned, detangling started and that's where I really have issue. Never, ever, ever in my life has a hair dresser detangled my hair beginning at the roots, but this one did. And, she was merciless and ruthless about it. By the time she got to the last section to be placed on the huge purple rollers, I think she was tired of detangling because I know that section wasn't completely detangled before she put it on the rollers. 

A back view of the loveliness.
Once rolled, I had to sit under the dryer for about two hours. And, I had to sit perfectly still as my head barely fit under the dryer. Thank God I'd brought a juicy book with me to read or I would've died from bordeom. 

First Week: I love my pony tail!